What To Do Once You’ve Been ‘Gubbed’ By The Bookies

It’s a common question typed into google and you are here because your ‘free ride’ with arbing or matched betting just came to an end with an email from an online bookmaker saying ‘ blah blah blah , no more bonus, blah blah blah traders decision ……

‘What do I do when I’ve been gubbed by the bookies?’

With a lack of common sense advice we have put together this blog to give you the most up to date definitive tactics to keep that arbing money coming in. Lots of people enjoy bonus bagging, but it doesn’t last forever, in fact we know of people that have had all of their accounts with bookmakers closed within a matter of days. Here at Buncejar HQ, we have staff who have had online bookmaker accounts open for years so we thought we would pass on our knowledge.

Before we detail the superb options you do have after being gubbed by the bookmakers, its worth considering why it happened and how you can make the best of a bad situation now. It’ll surprise you that there is quite a lot you can still do if you follow the rules in this blog.

First of all ….What IS gubbing?

Essentially, gubbing is the act of having your account limited by a bookmaker. You’ll get an email from the bookmaker stating that you have in fact been gubbed. Their email won’t mention this term, but in amongst all of their jargon the same message will be passed across.

Some of you will be limited from all promotions, which will stop you Matched Betting with that bookie right away, as Matched Betting relies on these promotional offers. However, others will have their max stake limited, preventing them from placing bets over £5 for example.

The History of Gubbing 

BookMakers have a long tradition of gubbing winning gamblers. The early days of gambling which saw bet taking being done as a one man operation would simply see the layer refuse to take bets from someone who repeatedly won. This practice became more difficult when high street bookmakers evolved in the 1960’s as shrewd gamblers would move from shop to shop to stop themselves being ‘noticed’ and many large gambles were landed by placing a huge series of smaller bets at many different shops. However, as online gambling has evolved, it has gone full circle, as it is now easier than it has ever been before to spot regular winners – it’s simply a case of checking a user’s account and if they are winning, limit them! In many cases this requires no human intervention at all, as software will be monitoring accounts and if an account hits one of the ‘flags’ that signifies a winning punter, the account will be automatically restricted.

Why did you get Gubbed ?

This is a big question, and in fact we answer this throughout this post, but in essence its a combination of inline behaviour, stakes, how often you have won a bet and whether the types of bets you are taking look suspicious to the bookmaker and flag you up as someone that knows what they are doing, rather than the dribbling idiot who bets on a 2-1 score outcome on a match with a certain striker to score in the last 12 mins at ridiculous odds hoping their £20 they just set light to might win them enough to buy a house.  They love this kind of customer. They hate you.

Bet like a mug punter …. The Myth of the gubbing ‘experts’.

This fallacy… That just splashing around a few mad bets, helps mask you as a mug punter is a fallacy. It simply doesn’t work. Worse still the odd mad bet you do might actually WIN then you are in big trouble because big wins make some bookmakers ban you fast . We know ‘the odd mug bet’ approach doesn’t work because we asked two insiders from two bookmakers , and we also tried it when we tested Buncejar, with a number of friends accounts.

Have you got an free outstanding bets ?

It is quite often the case a gubbing email arrives after you have attempted an offer.  Therefore it is possible you may still be owed an outstanding free bet.

In my experience, these are still worth chasing via live chat or email as they do tend to pay them out upon request.  The email below is typical of a ‘gubbing’ email.

Gubbed email from Bet365

Gubbed by Bet365 Buncejar

How ‘bad’ is your gubbing?

This may sound like a stupid question, but with some bookmakers ( paddy power is a good example) you may get gubbed in stages. What this means is you can still get some bets on, just not at the stakes you would like. So for example you might have placed a £50 stake in the past when bonus bagging or arbing, you ay now find they only allow £38.  This is the start of a slow gub death, BUT…..and its important, you can still get bets on so you could combine the bet with Paddy Power with another bet with another bookie for the rest of the amount, or better still just split £25 each to keep things easy.

Have you lost your BOG ?

Lost your WHAT? Yup you heard us ….Have you lost your BOG. BOG stands for Best Odds Guaranteed. Its a super humdinger that means if your horse drifts in price before the race and sets off at a higher price then you actually stand to win MORE than you thought.  Buncejar uses this BOG benefit with the big bookmakers to use a special tool we have called the recovery calculator to effectively neutralise many of the 1 in 5 losing trades we have. That boost our win rate further.

If youve lost your BOG your profits will drop slightly when arbing or bonus bagging because when your horse wins ( about 30% of the time) you will have actually won more than you thought.

Its not the Winning its the amount you WITHDRAW that really gets you very very gubbed

Gamblers are chumps. We did A LOT of testing on accounts when we launched Buncejar a few years ago ( we drove our friends nuts handing them £50 online and asking them to place bets online to see what happened).

We noticed something that most of the Matched Betting ‘experts’ have never talked about.

Its the withdraw of winnings that drives bookies mad not the winning. With most gamblers when they win big they then gamble big and eventually lose big. So winning a lot of money is not the issue, its the withdrawal that sets them off. So …when you are arbing or bonus bagging do everything you can to leave as much money as you possibly can in the bookmaker account. Only withdraw what you absolutely need to use across in your Betfair account to balance out the lay bet.

We teach this concept with Buncejar , and in fact most users end up with a healthy ‘float’ in all bookies and generally slowly watch the funds drip across to their Betfair accounts as the horses inevitably lose and your lay bet in Betfair wins. We know that only 33% of our races we arb actually win their race so 7 out of 10 times we see the balance move to Betfair ( which is an exchange and cant gub you so you can withdraw as much as you like whenever you like).

Wherever possible do not withdraw money from bookies. Place a balancing lay bet with Betfair and ‘lose’ it out. If you absolutely have to withdraw some money as you need a higher balance in Betfair to cover your positions take out the smallest amount possible in a round number , ie £25, £50 , £100. Do not withdraw £86.10 as this flags you up as someone doing something specific for a specific reason.

Mug Depositing

While we are on the subject of withdrawing a new trend we are seeing that helps stave off the Gubbing Goblins is Mug Depositing.

One of the best ways to disguise yourself from looking like a matched bettor is to deposit more than the trigger bet amount. E.g. for a “bet £10 get £30” account, you might deposit £30 instead of just £10. Mug depositing as it’s called, is becoming increasingly important. In fact as well as not taking the free bet in the first place we suggest depositing WAY more than you need if possible. SO lets say your first arbing bet is £50, try putting in £200 if possible. The bookmaker will LOVE that and it’ll help you hide as a mug

Don’t get gubbed in the first place.

I know that’s no help right now, but it may be vital if you open another account with an online bookmaker later on (people do this in their friends or partners name and we will cover this tactic later on in this blog).

So what are you doing wrong that’s got you gubbed?

In a nutshell you aren’t acting like a mug punter. Worse quite a few systems we see available like Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging give no regard to keeping your activity hidden from the prying eyes of the bookmakers and so people using his system can get banned quicker than you can say ‘your uneconomical account has been closed as a trader decision’.

In the Buncejar instructions we have one of the most up to date guides on how to avoid EVER being caught by a bookmaker as an arber or bonus bagger. Its knowledge we’ve built up from shady conversations in pubs with ex employees of 2 of the biggest online bookmakers and some often hilarious ‘charging at the machine guns’ activity we’ve done where we have tested theories by getting friends to open accounts to see just how much or how little we can get away with things.

What to do when gubbed by the bookies - Paddy Power

The result of all our experience and ruining many friends online bookmaker accounts is the definitive guide all Buncejar subscribers get. We wont go into all of them here (after all we want you to join our happy ungubbed community!) but we will share some of the biggest clangers here now.

Bookmaker Apps – Inviting Satan into your pocket

The first one is the apps. For god’s sake, do not download any of the bookmaker’s apps on your phone. We can’t stress this enough. These apps are some of the most satanic stuff we’ve ever seen online. Forget Cryptocurrency hacking, forget identity theft, delve deep into the pages of Terms and Conditions in these monstrous bookmaker apps and you’ll find you are saying yes to ‘texting your friends pretending to be you to offer deals to them’ or ‘allow the bookmaker to read all your emails to see if you are an arber’ or ‘ email your friends from your personal email account pretending to be you to offer them deals’.

What these apps do is give the bookmaker COMPLETE access to your phone so they can snoop around and see if you are a genuine gambler and behave like one or a sharp bonus bagger or arber. The moment they see any evidence ….WHAM you are banned.

What to do when gubbed by the bookies

Don’t take the free bets either …….. And I want you to let that sink in for a second. Because it means no bonus bagging. But what we’ve seen is that the BEST you can easily grab in bonus bagging is a few hundred quid. With Buncejar you can use the system for YEARS making hundreds of pounds every month without needing the free bets.

Act like a Mug Punter – Hide among them

Mug Punter gamblers (people you know down the pub with dirty clothes and a sad demeanour about them) lose a lot. They are also often at the lower end of the IQ test. This means they often miss or don’t bother taking free bets as they know when the next winner is and bet when they want to, rather than when they get a free bet.

Nothing covers you in a cloak of invisibility better than not taking free bets. Bookmakers using algorithms to look for arbers will often assume a customer is a mug punter if they fail to take free bets. So what you’ve done is lost a £10 or £20 free bet (money that wasn’t yours and you never had anyway) in exchange for a cloak of invisibility and the ability to avoid being gubbed ever.

The next clanger is this… genuine gamblers are experts in one sport only. No genuine gambler smashes £100 around on football betting and supporting various teams and bets £100 on horses too. If you are doing an arbing system go for one sport only.

what to do when gubbed by the bookmakers

This next one is the absolute howler. The absolutely ridiculously obvious one that the Cruickshank Bonus Bagging system tells you to do that ABSOLUTELY sets up a neon sign with a big pointy arrow straight at your account.

No Genuine Gambler bets on the draw of a Football Match

When you are told to bonus bag a lot of instructions tell you to look for football matches with decimal odds of around 4.0 and bet on the draw. This tactic makes absolute sense for profit. At 4.0 the small differences in prices between back and lay mean you often skim about 60 to 70% of the free bet as profit which is good, AND because it’s the draw and not many football matches end in a draw you get your money go into your Betfair account not stuck with a bookmaker with an onerous wagering requirement.

Good eh?


Ask yourself this simple question. In any pub before a football match that’s full of guys, some of who have placed a bet….how many times have you EVER heard a gambler talk about having a dead cert feeling that the outcome of the match they support will be a draw? Who bets on the draw ? what supporter goes to a match thinking ….yeh my favourite team are going to draw tonight ?

In effect when you place bets on a football draw ….ESPECIALLY WITH A FREE BET You might as well hit the gamble aware button on your account and ban yourself to save the bookmaker the effort.

There are loads of other tactics we teach in the Buncejar site but for now we hope we’ve given you a taste of what you must not do next time. Your staking sizes, frequency of bets and various other things also come into play.

The ‘Spread your betting across multiple bookmakers’ Fallacy

This one drives us mad at Buncejar HQ and its another myth rolling about on the internet from matched betting ‘experts’.

Their flawed argument is that by spreading your bets around multiple bookies you reduce your risk of getting gubbed.


Think about it. Gamblers ( remember the people you see down the pub who always look sad) are addicts. They have an addiction. Gamblers are not bothered about ‘value’ or who has the best odds. They simply want to make a last minute bet on a match they are SURE will win. Mug punters do not shop around multiple websites for the best deals. Mug Punters usually only have one bookmaker that they ‘like’ and gamble all the time with them.

When you spread your bets around and an online bookmaker doesnt see you for days or weeks you flag yourself up as a value punter looking for the best odds. You are MORE likely to get gubbed.

To prove a point we once did hundreds of Buncejar trades for nearly A YEAR with just BET365 without getting gubbed. BET365 just saw an idiot who bet on 2 to 3 horses a day and mostly lost. Over the course of a month BET365 saw a chump that put about £4k  through them in a month and often had nothing to show for it ( we were ‘winning’ at Betfair when the horses lost’) At one stage through a highly profitable August EVERY SINGLE HORSE we bet on lost at the bookmaker so we were ROLLING in money at Betfair.  What happened ? Bet365 kept throwing free bets at the account to try and keep us losing MORE. They loved us.

So. Ignore the ‘experts’ use as few accounts as possible. Maybe start with 2 for horses, Bet365 and Ladbrokes.

So what do you do when you’ve been gubbed?

What to do when banned by bookmakers

You’ve actually got three simple choices. Stop arbing and try something new like creating a blog about knitting and monetising it, or look for Betfair only systems that don’t require you to arb across bookmakers or go ‘sneaky beakey’ and use the identity of your friend or partner ( with their permission!!!!!!) to open a new account.

With the third option we hope you now see why we took the time to explain in this blog why you got gubbed last time.

So let’s explore these options.

If you are good at knitting and like writing long google optimised SEO quality content blog posts you can get cracking and start making 60 to 70 pence per month from google ads. We are generally not a huge fan of this option.

Use Betfair ONLY

Option 2 is much more appealing. There are actually lots of Betfair only trading systems out there, but unfortunately most are rubbish. We like the website extra-income-guru.co.uk who tests these systems (also we like them as they say nice things about us!) . As we write this we are weeks away from launching a new add on to Buncejar that allows you to bypass the bookies if you’ve been gubbed and better still run it alongside the existing Buncejar system to double your profits from the same trading bank if you haven’t been gubbed.

Go Dark – be a Gnome.

Option 3 involves trenchcoats and secrets. It’s a ‘known thing’ in the industry that people set up a new online bookmaker account in their wife/partner/friends/hamsters name to get a new account open. Mostly this isn’t even identity fraud as the arber does it with the full knowledge of that person (who usually has no interest in making an extra £500 per month). Its even got a term….Gnoming.

So if you do this with their permission it’s not technically ID theft, but you are in a gray area.

Here is the thing…….

what to do when banned by bookmakers

Bookies aren’t stupid. If they gub you and then see a person with the same surname as you who is your wife opening an account a week later using the same address, IP internet address, bank card, phone number, mobile phone number and the same mobile phone serial code as before there is a SLIIIIIIGHT chance they MIGHT think that it could possibly just be you opening a new account.

They will let you open the account. They may even let you make one bet, if it loses they will keep taking your money, and when you first win or your balance is positive to what you deposited …..well then they can enact their terms and conditions about one account or deal per household, or ask for you to email a pic of your wife holding the ID ( we’ve actually seen that email !).

The long and short of it is we actually like the idea of the new identity route BUT …. You will have to act like Pablo Escobar and get a new mobile phone, a new address, new paypal account , new IP address and a new mobile phone number . If you don’t cover all of these variables they WILL gub you again MUCH faster.

What to do when you are gubbed by the bookies

We’ve actually pulled this off. It’s actually worth getting a secondhand mobile and new number and asking a friend to use their identity and address. But you are in shaky territory here and your friend may get cold feet at some point.


I want you to let this sink in for a moment. Stop using free bets. You only have about £1000 worth of free bets tops, maybe actually only about £600 of easy to wager free ones. With this in mind we recommend you DON’T take free bets. When you consider that Buncejar customers make £600 easily EVERY month why would you risk losing your valuable online accounts for a few free bets. We spoke to one insider at Ladbrokes that said they actually use free bets to smoke out arbers. Apparently gamblers often overlook free bets on their accounts and they expire. Gamblers only gamble when they ‘know’ they are going to win. A free bet doesnt sway them. Is it really worth losing a Ladbrokes or Betfred online account for a stupid £50 or £20 bet ?


Its not personal . Betvictor only want the stupidest of the stupid gambling with them. Dont take it personally we dont know anyone that hasnt been gubbed after their first bet. The key is to maybe NOT take a free bet with them and see if this stretches out the relationship.

Can I get Ungubbed ?

Beg plead , cry and send snotty emails. Nothing works. Bookmakers online feel like bouncers at a club youve just been chucked out of for asking why a bottle of beer was £22.

Can you get ungubbed? The short answer is no…… but the long answer is yes …actually.

In this instance the data protection act works in your favour. The moment you are so gubbed you cant put a bet on get the account shut down. I don’t just mean stop logging in,  I actually mean get the account actively closed and your details removed.

They will keep spamming you for about a year with emails to try and entice you to come and play their loaded and rigged online slot and casino games. Ignore them all, don’t respond. Eventually they will stop.

After more than a year has passed try opening an account again as you. Id suggest maybe waiting a year to 18 months to be sure. After a year the bookie HAS to dump all your info as you are no longer a customer. Once they have done that ……. You are on arbing witness protection. You’ve got a new life with them because when you apply online for a new account …guess what ? You’ll get a yes because their computer hasn’t seen you before. Lovely.

Now that you’ve read our post I hope you realise just how little info the companies that offer Bonus Bagging products actually gave you. They basically sent you to the machine guns armed with an umbrella.  With this new found knowledge comes the opportunity to start again and get it right this time.


So where are we now? To get back to the start of this blog you’ve been gubbed and you want to know how to carry on. The answer is to firstly think carefully about how you got caught, because Buncejar subscribers don’t get caught, and then make sure you don’t do that again. If you want to carry on you will need to find a whole new identity to use with different address, bank, phone, handset name etc or it won’t work. Or you look at some systems that use Betfair only (they NEVER ban you) and go from there.

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