Ways to Work from Home

With high speed internet connections and cheap easy to buy computers there is no reason you cant top up your income in the evenings sat on the sofa with a beer and for many this curiosity can sometimes lead to the perfect ‘job killer’ that means you can gain financial freedom and work when you want to not when you have to.

So how do you make that transition from where you are now to working from home ? The key is to start with a small low risk, high profit and LEGAL ! second income that can prove you really can pay all those bills and more without that daily commute to the boss from hell.

With so many options out there we look at 5 of the best ways you can dip your toe in the water and make some extra income and see where it goes.

Deep down you will probably be looking for something that ticks the following boxes

  • easy to do and can make money from the first day
  • doesn’t need any special equipment or large amounts of money to get started
  • don’t have to interact with ‘people’ – don’t you just HATE that ?
  • doesn’t involve selling anything to anyone – don’t you just hate THOSE people ?
  • has a tax free profit that doesn’t need to officially start a business or need to do accounts.
  • doesn’t impact your home life

So lets take a deeper look with the above in mind.

Cash in your hand TODAY

Unfortunately most ways of making money from home require you to learn some skills.  Working from home for lots of people means being a contractor, or freelance writer, programmer etc . The fact that you are reading this means you may not have these kinds of skills and thats ok…. we’ve got the solution!

With Buncejar you get an instruction manual you can read in under an hour.  You get step by step instructions including videos to show you what you need to do. This means when you make the decision to start topping up your income from home you can have extra cash in your account in the next 24 hours.

No Hard Hat, No Uniform and definitely no Van or Taxi 

Lets be honest. No one wants to work outside, or drive an Uber on a Saturday night. You want to work from home because its so easy. With Buncejar all you need to do is follow some simple instructions each evening around 6pm and then the next day another 5 minutes work around 11am.

The beauty with Buncejar is how little time it takes to bag a quick £7 here, and another £10 there, using just your mobile phone.  This means for now you can do this while you are still at work and top up your income, and then over time when you see the regular monthly profits roll in you can start thinking about telling your boss what you really think of them, where you want to go on holiday and most importantly decide when you want to work and avoid the daily grind for good.


You know what we are talking about here. Everyone has THAT friend that tries to get you involved in their scammy Multi Level Marketing scheme. If its not diet powder that costs more than gold gram for gram its life insurance, investments, debt refinancing or some other slimy thing where you sell your soul and betray your friends and meet up in some glitzy venue once a year to high five other miserable people who’ve done a better job at screwing their own friends over.

Buncejar doesn’t involve selling any items or products. You don’t have to be pushy with anyone and you dont have to build a ‘list of contacts’ or create a target list of potential customers. You don’t have to go to conventions or terrible networking events. No early business breakfast clubs at stupid o clock and certainly no Chamber of Commerce dinners with stuffy people that smell like a library.

With Buncejar we take advantage of an easy mis pricing and make a small profit. Imagine you knew about an online store that always gets the price wrong when it firsts lists a new item. If you knew about an online store that when it first listed a new item for about £50 underpriced it by about £10 about 80% of the time for the last 2000 items you would know what to do. You would buy one of every item they listed new, and then the next day sell it on at the proper price and keep the profit. The good news with Buncejar is thats exactly what you do, except there is no postage to worry about, the item we are talking about even has its own massive online marketplace where there are ALWAYS a large queue of people waiting to buy off you.

We all Hate the Taxman RIGHT ?

There are few phrases for anyone making money that are better than ‘Tax Free Profits’.

Buncejar takes advantage of a simple but effective tax loophole to make sure that you keep 100% of the money you make.

We aren’t talking about dodgy offshore trusts, or doing anything illegal. In fact you can openly tell the taxman what you are making and they are powerless to take the profits from you. Buncejar uses a unique flaw in UK Tax Law that means your profits are deemed non taxable.

So that’s nice.

If you want ‘An Office’ at home this isn’t for you

You must know people that have ‘an office’ at home. A small cheap desk and a computer crammed in a box room that they call their ‘home office’ Weirdly people like that are usually PROUD they have an office at home.

If you want to work from home why would you want a miserable office environment in the place you feel most relaxed ? Have you ever noticed that the most successful people you see in your life and on the TV DONT have an office at home ? Thats because its not all about working hard all hours, its about taking advantage of opportunities and using what you already have in your hand ( your phone) to make money.

Rather than lock yourself in that stuffy box room and make yourself 7 cups of tea in a day and live in your dressing gown wouldn’t you rather NOT have an office at home? What about bagging a quick £20 profit while you are sat in a Cafe having a leisurely breakfast? What about a cheeky £7 profit while you are in the pub at lunchtime ?

With Buncejar you don’t need a ‘home office’. You just need a mobile phone and the desire to actually take action and bag yourself some profits for a few minutes work.

So Whats Stopping YOU from Working from Home ?


Nothing is stopping you .

If you’ve got this far then its likely you are smart enough to see the benefit of using Buncejar to bag extra cash like thousands of other people have. Some have topped up their income, some have paid for Once in a Lifetime Holidays and others have switched to part time work because of what they make with Buncejar.

Buncejar even lets you have the first month subscription for FREE.

There cant be any reason to not give this a go.

Click here to find out more .


January 17th, 2019|Remote Working|