The Easiest Way to Make Money From Home

The ‘Job for Life’ is dead. Dead as a doornail. We live in a world of the gig economy now. Less people slaving at desks in dead end jobs for life and more flexible opportunities to make smaller amounts of money IN MORE PLACES and create a work life balance that suits YOU not your employer.

It’s easy for the press to moan about lower paid jobs for people like Uber and Deliveroo, but the reality, beneath the surface, is a whole enthusiastic counterculture I’ve been talking to for the last year or two with some very surprising results. On the surface is a group of people earning ‘paid as you go’ small jobs like being an Uber driver, online projects from home and even financial trading from their phone but dig a little deeper and you’ll find many of these people have MULTIPLE small jobs that take up a FEW SMALL HOURS of their day. When combined I’ve found many work a fairly normal 35 hours per week….but at their own pace…. MAKING FAR MORE than your average office manager job and BETTER STILL pay very little tax.

As I have sat in Uber taxis in the USA and UK and Europe chatting to drivers I’ve come to realise something powerful. These people are happy and affluent and almost entirely off the normal government grid for earnings and taxes.  They drive a Mercedes, work when they want to and not when they have to and take extravagant holidays. Being an Uber driver is only a small part of what they do. Many are funding university education, or a very enviable lifestyle by taking advantage of some superb online extra income opportunities.

I’ve spent that last few years trying out many of the advertised ‘make money’ opportunities I’ve found online and in that time I’ve found a few amazing gems in a sea of absolute scams.

In this blog I’m going to look at some of the qualities you should look for in a second income or ‘job killer’. This guide is aimed at steering you clear of the scams and getting you access to some of the most effective ways to turn your phone or laptop into a cash machine and make some significant profits quickly from day one without necessarily having to pay any tax at all.

Before I give you some specific examples let’s take a look at what qualities you should consider when looking for a seriously powerful way to boost your income. These some in a few convenient topics

Income Boosting Rule no.1

Look at your current work life balance and ask yourself SERIOUSLY how much time you have spare to start a second income. Is it a few hours per week? A few minutes per day or do you currently work part time and can seriously throw yourself into it? There are lots of opportunities out there and for me the one single golden rule is this …


I can’t stress this enough.

Let me give you some examples of opportunities I love and hate.  Firstly, I like to narrow down potential extra income opportunities so I usually look for sites that review these. This gives me a narrower search and more importantly I can see genuine feedback from real people on how they have got on with a system or business opportunity.

I use a few sites but has become one I’ve come back to a lot recently.

I’ve taken the time to look at all sorts over the past few years and a few in particular have caught my eye. All that did have fallen within the 5 rules in this blog.

Income Boosting Rule No.2


Simple really. Avoid paying money to anyone then getting nothing or getting a defective product or one that never worked in the first place.

So, what are the giveaway signs for a potential scam? I’ve found some common themes with the scams I’ve seen. Firstly, they usually are too good to be true. If you see something that says it’s a robot software that makes £4000000000000 per minute while you do nothing trading binary options you know this is going to be a scam.

Ask yourself …does the offer seem reasonable? Also look at the supporting literature and most importantly where is this company based? too many people wade in on opportunities that are from businesses based in Israel, Malta or the Far East. These opportunities are being offered to people in the UK from offshore for a reason….. and that’s a lack of accountability when they screw you over.

A UK offering from a company in the UK has all the checks and balances you need to be protected by UK law. Avoid the offshore stuff like the plague. If you aren’t sure where a online money making system is based…and can’t find out…. Walk away.

Examples Ive seen include all the ‘Binary Options’ rubbish over the past few years and a lot of the automated trading software pitches that claim to make incredible sums of money for you right up until you ask for your money back from the ‘broker’.

Income Boosting Rule no. 3

Why take on a superb second income and then pay tax on it? Try wherever possible to use a system that provides tax free profits. Some of the best of these often take huge profits out of betting exchanges and bookmakers. I’m a big fan of bonus bagging, some Betfair systems such as The Daisho System and Buncejar as they provide tax free profits so the government don’t eat into your extra cash.

Income Boosting Rule no.4

A few small extra income streams are better than having one big one. This makes sense as you may find that the profits you make from certain great systems go up and down depending on the seasons or markets. I’ve spent a few years building up additional income streams to my ‘main job’ and these are all in different areas. I enjoy a steady affiliate income from a regular blog I actually enjoy writing anyway, a steady tax-free stream of profits from using the Buncejar system and I’m also lucky enough to have been involved pre-launch on a superb cryptocurrency course that aims to show me how to buy and hold crypto coins in a secure steady way for long term profit with the minimum of fuss.

My point is I get small boosts of income each week, a few hundred from Buncejar, a few hundred more each month from my blog and I can dip in and out of Betfair Systems like Daisho as and when I have the time or want some instant cash at the weekend.  What I don’t do is rely on one single source of income. This keeps things interesting for me and means I don’t ever feel like any of the fun things I do to make money feels like ‘work’.

Income Boosting Rule no.5

The final rule here is the simplest.

You actually have to take some action.

Let that sink in for a second………….


That means you actually have to get going and sign up to some of these offerings. Imagine if you got paid to sit and watch Netflix or play online Video Games? Well imagine if you took just some of the time you waste watching binge series on Amazon and instead earned £50 or more per hour doing some of these online money-making systems.  Some systems are so instant you can use profits you made on a Saturday afternoon trading a football match to pay for your epic Saturday night out. I even know people that paid for huge life changing holidays from simply taking the plunge and setting aside a few hours per week to change their life and wealth for the better.


Go out and take a look at some of the amazing opportunities there are. Stick to the 5 rules from this blog to help you, and while you do more research and make some chances I think you can’t go wrong with some of the system mentioned in this blog.

Remember rule 5?…….  Go join the counterculture making far more tax-free money than anyone realises!