Proven Horse Racing System

Gambling is for chumps. We are serious when we make the statement that almost all tipster services for horse racing are awful and lose you money. Our friends over at all tipsters reviewed spent nearly a year analysing all of the tipsters for a proven horse racing system and shockingly only found TWO tipsters with consistent profits.

proven horse racing system

In this blog we will talk about those two proven systems and why we think they work, and we will finally also show you how you can EASILY turn a 33% win rate into an 80% win rate with horse racing bets using one very simple system.

Bet Intellect – The nerds are the kings of horse racing.

Most tipsters are unreliable. They are shady about their bets and worse still often send you a tip minutes before a race when the price of the favourite they are tipping is so low is hardly worth placing the bet.

Along came Bet Intellect about two years ago and blow everyone away. Their ethos is simple….. They look at EVERY single online bet being placed with every bookmaker and exchange and form an overview concensus opinion of what everyone thinks, they then run this through an algorithm to only focus on horse race meets with predictable courses, on good days with favourable weather and then send these tips out consistently at the same time every day when you have plenty of time to place you bet at good odds.

Best of all they only ask you to pay them when you win !

Here’s why it works…

At Bet Intellect we use a ‘scientific approach’ to apply our years of expertise in reading markets, our knowledge of betting systems and online markets such as the Betfair Exchange with the goal of generating reliable horse racing tips in a brand new way.

Proven Horse Racing System

We spent a whole year testing our selection criteria and data management and are pleased to say that our ‘scientific approach’ has yielded precisely what we expected … a reliably consistent profit

Here’s how it works…

Nearly every day, their ‘scientific approach’ will identify at least one tip. When this happens, they simply text you to ask if you want a tip that day.

If you say ‘YES’ … they send you a tip as soon as their system confirms the selection – and you’ll have the freedom to accept as many of my  tips as you want that day.

If you don’t any of my tips that day – just say NO, or even ignore the message altogether and that’s fine!

It should go without saying though, that if you don’t take any tips, you’ll never back any winners…

Next … For however many tips you’ve taken, just place your bets however you want and at whatever stakes you want  … (they advise £25 but it’s your bet!)

You also put a bet on for them, but only £5!

When the tip wins, you keep all your winnings, and get your stake back, and keep the £5 too, you just send them the winnings from the fiver calculated at Betfair SP.

You could take every tip every day (an average day has 2 or 3) or you could only take one or two a week, or skip a whole week! You have the complete freedom to do what you want.
It’s COMPLETELY FREE to join as well !

You can find out more here 

How to turn a 40% win rate in horse racing into 80%

So the best tipsters out there struggle to get a 40% win rate. Buncejar allows you to unlock the secret of sports bet arbitrage to double your win rate with your horse race betting selections.

This nice lady does a much better job than me on explaining how

Buncejar uses a team of trading experts with 100 years of combined experience in the betting markets between them, to accurately predict which bookmaker odds are set to move in your favour in the near future.

They send you daily trading signals on which bookmaker bets to buy that have an 80% certainty of moving in your favour, meaning you can then sell your bet for a profit the very next day.

The reviews online speak for themselves

The beauty with this system is the high win rate for horse racing , profitability and most importantly you can be earning money in the first day.

Better still the subscription is FREE for the first month by clicking on the link below

FREE one month subscription to BUNCEJAR

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