Low Risk Betting – Taming the Mythical Beast of Gambling

Low Risk Betting seems like a bit of a weird idea. For most gamblers the idea of a low risk bet means low odds. Low odds means small winnings. Small winnings rarely add up to cover the BIG LOSS of your entire stake when that inevitable loss finally arrives.

Gamblers , unlike investors or traders, want the THRILL of the BIG WIN. No one has ever been told of the epic story of the time a guy in a pub wins nearly what he staked on a horse that was the favourite.

In this blog we explain how perfect the betting markets really are, even the exchanges and how to overcome the elusive charges or profits of bookmakers to find a low risk , high win rate profitable betting strategy THAT WORKS.

The Mythical Beast of the Low Risk Bet

So why are we looking at low risk gambling at all ? Low risk Gambling seems to be the outcast of informed traders and investors AND high risk gamblers alike.  Surely a high chance of winning means low odds so the small regular winnings outweigh the full loss of your entire stake when you inevitably finally lose ?


So what do we mean by low risk betting? and is there some way you can actually profit from it ? We’ve all looked at the stats on line for simply betting on every horse favourite and even by getting best odds on exchanges like Betfair you inevitably end up digging a hole.  You may have looked at simply laying every favourite instead and found similar results. In fact if you look at any set up where you consistently back, or lay favourites an interesting pattern emerges. ….

Most of the time these type of ‘low risk bets’ end up with a rough 5% loss over time. This is mainly caused by the charges of a Betfair exchange account which you cant get round. In fact if you remove the charges its surprising to see that the stats don’t lie. The Betfair exchange betting market is perfect. Its balanced. So much in fact that even the online bookmakers use it to balance their books before horse races start.

What you can hopefully now tell is that overall we are tantalisingly close to a working and profitable low risk betting system. So how do we get a push over that 5% loss and start making profits? The answers are in this blog!

Brilliant Race Cars driven by Monkeys

Even if you had the absolute bets Formula 1 Racecar in the world with the best supporting team you still need a decent driver to get the car round the track.

What we mean by this is a simple but VERY powerful idea that is true across Forex , Stock and Digital Currency trading as well as Betting markets….

‘Even the Best money making system in the world has a weakness….and that weakness is the person doing it’

Let that sink in for a bit. The brainy bit is a nightmare. Its emotional , irrational and gets tired easily. Even the best systems have runs of losses in trading or gambling. We all talk that we will hold our nerve….but we rarely do. We second guess , we panic, we stop placing bets ….and then the inevitable happens….and we iss out on the inevitable upswing.

The first part of a successful winning and profitable system is to be TOTALLY in control of your emotions and follow the rules of a system LIKE AN UNEMOTIONAL ROBOT. If you cant do that there is no point reading any further.

You simply wont have what it takes to be successful in trading or betting.

Burned at the Stake

The next foe of all decent betting systems is being burned at the stake like a vampire. Of course we don’t mean literally, we mean making errors with your staking so that you are INCONSISTENT with your staking amounts.  Again your squishy brain bit starts doubling down on losses, and betting small when your brave pills run out.

Inconsistent staking is another profit killer.  Think back to the unemotional robot. Not only do you need to always make that bet you need to keep your stakes the same. The Martingale approach is a fallasy, keep your stakes the same and you cant blame yourself if things don’t go to plan. You can hold your head up high. Master this and you are nearly there ….

Do you Play the National Lottery or Blackjack?

What gambling types people do tells us a lot about them. People flocking to a newsagent to buy a Euromillions ticket have a greater chance of being killed going to the shop that day than winning the lottery, and yet …. people buy these tickets.

If you stand in a Casino have a look at the different types of people. The slot machines represent appallingly bad odds against you and yet they are always busy, yet look across at the Blackjack tables and you are looking at the gamblers playing the lowest house edge.  These are the low risk bettors, in fact with a few unique tricks you can even guarantee a win with Blackjack in the short term provided you can walk away early when you are in profit.

Low risk betting systems are at the Blackjack end of the Casino. You have the highest chance of winning with the lowest chance that the dealer will always win.

If you are going to roll a dice to win and it only pays out 4 times your stake when you win ….then you shouldn’t read on. This blog isn’t for you . Spend your £300 job killer bankroll money on 295 lottery tickets and a 6 pack of lager and have a great Saturday night before going back to work on Monday .

If however you understand that if you could play a coin toss game where you win 51% of the time and when you win you get your stake back plus your stake again… you are smart enough to understand that low risk betting is about understand the relationship between odds and implied chance of actually winning.

The Biased Coin Toss

So here we come to the secret of Buncejar. Its a biased coin toss. We know the outcome of our Buncejar coin correctly 4 out of 5 times.

How do we do this ? well we get the chance to bend time …not in a Dr Who kind of way but to almost ‘pause’ the coin toss as it falls and hits the floor… and just before it stops rattling we get to decide if we want to stay with our prediction or walk away from the bet with our stake intact.

This secret is obviously an analogy.  What we do is actually use bets weve made on certain favourite horses and allow a unique shift in the market to LOCK IN OUR PROFITS WITHOUT ANY RISK. In effect we will make a profit no matter what happens in the actual horse race.

We’ve been doing this for YEARS. We have thousands of trades publicly displayed to show you how wonderfully consistent this is.

Buncejar is  the Mythical Beast of this blog, a successful low risk betting strategy that punches the monkey out of the car, slaps the face of the Casino dealer and laughs in their Sports car as they drive past people queuing for a lottery ticket.

This Job Killing Beast is FREE for a month as well.  If you’ve got this far you might just have what it takes to ignore the doubting brain, channel your inner robot and start making daily profits that have enabled Buncejar customers to go on USA roadtrips paid for entirely by bookmakers and casinos.

Find out more about our Biased Coin Toss here

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