Ian Earns £3,000 With Buncejar To Fund His Road Trip To The USA

When Ian started out with Buncejar, his plan was to simply make enough money to buy a new iPhone. After making £300 in his first month from only a few minutes of his time per day, he soon realised he could set his sights much higher. Now he is well on his way to a luxury road trip to the USA!

Ian had read about Buncejar online and said he was intrigued to know if it really worked. He had read the reviews and seen the positive comments from other people online so took advantage of the 1-month free membership offer and got started.

Starting out with just £50, Ian quickly made £300 profit in his first month for a few minutes work each day. Ian explained that he found the instructions really easy to use and follow. The videos demonstrating what to do also helped him to quickly enjoy regular daily profits.

Ian didn’t want to give too much of the ‘secret’ away but explained that he was taught how to exploit a price difference between some bets so that he could ‘buy’ a bet cheaply the night before online (which takes about 30 seconds) and then sell it for a guaranteed profit no matter what the outcome the next day (for about 2 minutes of his time on his phone in the morning). It is kind of like eBay, list your bet and wait for an eager gambler to take it from you.

The profits soon stacked up. In August 2018 alone, Ian told us of single trades with £50 that made him more than £25 profit.  Although the average is about £5 to £8 per trade Ian says he can make as much as £25 to £30 profits on some for just 2 minutes effort.

Ian had no prior experience with betting or buying and selling bets, in fact he didn’t know that bets could be ‘traded’ until he started with Buncejar.

With over 100 trades available each month there is plenty of opportunity to make as much money as you want depending on how much time you have free. On average there can be 3 to 5 trades per day. Ian pointed out that it’s important to only take the trades that Buncejar automatically finds for you, if you don’t stick to the system it won’t work.

Buncejar scans these opportunities for you and then alerts you to let you know which website to buy you bargain cheap bet from the night before. The next day Buncejar also emails you to let you know the likely price you can sell it for and so you have a good idea of how much profit you will make.

Ian says he found the service from Buncejar quick and professional and there is always someone on hand on an email to answer any queries you might have.

‘I would have no hesitation recommending this to my friend’ Ian said. With over £3000 of Buncejar profit in his holiday kitty already he’s starting to tell his friends about Buncejar too so they can possibly come on the holiday with him!

If you would like to earn a second income like Ian, get in contact with us or click here to sign up for 1-month free membership today with no contract!