Horse Racing Arbitrage

The word Arbitrage sounds exotic. You can imagine some European captain of industry in a Casino a Century ago talking about his heavy arbitrage interests.  In reality its ‘hedging your bets’ and despite the exotic term horse racing arbitrage can be VERY PROFITABLE because a rather large amount of the time you are basically betting where YOU CANT LOSE.

If Arbitrage is such an amazing technique why doesn’t everyone use it ? The answer lies in that many people find it confusing or difficult to do, when actually with the right set of simple rules it can be very easy to do. In fact its so easy its the EXACT way that Buncejar users can bag regular daily profits from horse racing bets that doesn’t even rely on the outcome of the race.

So What is Arbitrage Exactly ?

In order to understand arbitrage you need to understand how betting works. Which of course you do? Lets imagine you place a bet on a horse to win at decimal odds of 3.0  ( 2 to 1 in sheepskin coat geezer talk). This means if you place a bet of £100 and the horse wins you get your stake back ( phew) and then an extra £200 for your risk.  Lovely.

Except the catch is that you horse has to actually win the race….and most of the time horses don’t win the race. In fact we crunched some serious numbers over a few years of horse racing and came up with a startling conclusion. Only about 33% of favourites win their races, and worse than that they set off at low odds which means , put simply, if you bet on every single favourite with fixed stakes you will get poor very very quickly.

This is where arbitrage raises its clever little head and starts waving at you if you know where to look.

What if you could place an ‘ANTIbet’ . So as well as  paying £100 for the horse to win you also take a second bet. This bet is called a ‘lay bet’. Its an industry secret that most gamblers don’t know about. A lay bet can be easily made online on a betting exchange such as Betfair. A lay bet means you are betting for ANY OTHER HORSE TO WIN OTHER THAN YOUR HORSE. so in effect you will win your bet as long as your horse doesn’t win.

If you have one of each bet then you can probably now guess that no matter what the outcome you cant lose. If the horse wins you get your bet pay out and If the horse loses you Lay bet pays out.


The trouble is that most of the tie the lay bet price and bet price are the same value, so in effect although you haven’t lost anything you also haven’t gained anything. Now you could argue that not digging a poverty hole is wonderful and you are already doing better than many other horse gamblers ( remember that only 33% of favourites win?).

Does Arbitrage Betting work ?

An ‘Arb’ is when a Bettor has the opportunity to place multiple bets on a sports event using different betting companies, and make a profit regardless of the outcome. When using the right tools sports Arbing (or ‘Arbitrage Betting’) is straightforward, procedural and potentially very lucrative.

There’s no doubting that it works. The question is, to what extent?

So How much can you earn from Arbing ?

The answer is … a lot. Provided you don’t get banned by the bookmakers ( they hate arbing) we’ve certainly made more than £1000 in a month doing this for just a few minutes of work per day.

How do I find Arbitrage Bets ?

Its far too time consuming to go and look yourself manually for every possible trade. Its much easier to sign up for a service . There is a free offer for the first 2 weeks with Buncejar so you can really get a feel for profitable arbing without any hassle or cost . click on the link here.

Turning a ‘Cant lose’ into a ‘Profit no matter what’ 

Ok so we’ve made two easy steps so far. We’ve understood why straight out gambling is for chumps and we’ve now learnt a useful tool to use that means we can protect our stake. So how do we take the ‘no lose’ position and add a ‘win no matter what ‘ to it ?

This part is the skilled bit. Luckily Buncejar does all this hard work for you and automatically looks for this opportunity and gets its right 80% pf the time.

The key to successful arbitrage is a falling price on a favourite horse What we mean by that is a horse that is popular with gamblers and as more and more betting money piles in on it the odds offered get worse and worse . When odds are worse you can argue that the COST of placing the bet has GONE UP because you now need to bet MORE money to make the same winnings ?

You with us so far ?

So going back to our nag we bet on at decimal odds of 3.0 ( 2 to 1 in geezer with a sheepskin coat language), lets say we placed that bet nice and early the night before when the odds were 3.0. We effectively bought this bet when it was cheap. Now the next day when the alcoholic gamblers finally wake up and get to the pub with their racing post in hand and finally shuffle into the seedy Coral shop on the high street the price has gone up to bet on this horse. Its now being offered to the chump gambler at evens – two to one-  ( 2.0 in arber language).

What this means is you will win £200 from your £100 stake. Chump gambler is going to have to bet £200 to win £200 . So his cost is double yours for the same outcome on the same horse.

You have bought the bet cheap. He has bought it expensive.

But the horse still needs to win right ?…… WRONG.

The difference in cost between chump and you is like any commodity . You have a profit margin you can cash in.


How Horses and Kettles have a lot in Common

Just in case your head is spinning a bit right now lets imagine we were talking about electric kettles. We all know about Black Friday and stupid one day deals. What if you were smart enough to buy a Kettle when it was half price on Amazon online on Black Friday, but with no intention of ever having the kettle delivered or using it.. You KNOW that the price of that kettle will shoot back up from £50 to £100 the next day. What that means is you can ‘sell’ that kettle yourself the next day online for £100 and even get the guy you bought it off to post it straight to your new customer.  You just bagged £50 profit without even owning a kettle in your hands. You did this because you could easily see the predictable price move over the next 24 hrs whereas the other customer was either too stupid or too slow.

So lets get back to our nag.

Remember the price of the horse again ? you bet £100 to win £200 and the Chump had to bet £200 to win £200.

Well now what if you went to place a lay bet .. Remember those ? Well because the price as got more expensive it means the price to lay that horse has got CHEAPER. to now cover the cost of losing your stake ( £100) you only need to place a lay bet of £100).

so what does that mean?  If the horse wins its race you win £200 from you bet , and lose £100 of your insurance money with the lay bet. But that means you are still up £100 and your money was NEVER at risk.

If the horse loses your insurance money kicks in with the lay bet which pays out £100 to cover your lost stake with your bet. So you haven’t gained anything or lost anything.

Congratulations you just did risk free betting. Its no only a small jump to use a special calculator to place a lay bet of just over £100 so that you now win about £30 profit no matter whether the horse wins or loses. A bit like our electric kettle on amazon.


So whats the secret here ? The secret is predicting accurately when the favourite horse price will drop. This is harder than you think, and in fact the secret to Buncejar is this skill. We don’t teach you it because its too complicated. .Instead the Buncejar computer sits up on high watching ALL online bets being placed from the night before a race. It gently looks to see if a bigger queue is forming for one horse. When that happens and the race meet looks like a decent one with lots of gamblers the next day and a few other variables are met it politely and calmly emails its members . This happens up to 5 or 6 times a night. Buncejar correctly predicts a price moving favourite pre race about 4 times out of 5 .

That correct prediction is the secret to Buncejars profitability.

You now understand Arbitrage. You now also know what you need to make it work. Click on the link below and have a FREE month to put some money in your pocket starting tomorrow .

You could argue that getting the chance to make money with Buncejar with no cost to you is rather like Arbitrage itself.



Is Arbing Legal ?

Yes, Arbing is legal. Arbers simply pick off “good value” odds, that’s all.

Arbitrage Betting is discouraged by Bookmakers and it often breaks their terms & conditions — but this in itself isn’t illegal. Betfair and other exchanges actually encourage arbing activity as it provides a lot of liquidity to their betting markets.

To an extent, one may argue that arbing ‘evens out’ the somewhat uneven playing field between Punters and Bookies. What arbers do is [almost] the reverse of what a Bookmaker does. Arbers try to Back at goodvalue odds whilst Bookmakers look to Lay poor-value odds. Anyhow, regardless of arbing activity the Bookmaker should still earn a profit from their overround. My point being there’s no real harm done.


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