Chris Cuts Working Hours Down With Secondary Income From Buncejar

Chris Ornstien has been enjoying Buncejar for 2 Years and has had an incredible 72 consecutive profitable weeks since starting.

‘I have been a subscriber since December 2016’

Chris started with Buncejar with a very sensible mindset…. To make enough to cover the cost of the subscription in the first few days then enjoy pure profit at his own pace for the rest of the whole month. Since then the week on week results have been impressive and it has given him the leisure/ work balance he was finally looking for.

‘After I’ve covered the small monthly subscription I just complete more trades as & when it suits me.’

Chris was a sports coach and was looking to cut back on his hours but needed to find a way to replace the reduction in income. He had tried some other tipping services, but although some of them claimed they were “systems”, none of them guaranteed a positive result. In other words, their tips were plain gambling!

So when he came across Buncejar with a certainty of a positive result around 75% of the time he saw this as the opportunity he was looking for to increase his leisure time without impacting his income.

 ‘Right from the start of my trading the Buncejar system I finished each week with more than I started’

Chris’s best ever week resulted in a profit of just over £320.00 & best ever month (so far) resulted in a profit of close to £800.00 . Chris is quick to point out that he take about half of the trades offered as this suits his balance between his work, rest and using Buncejar

 ‘I have never experienced a losing week in my over 18 months of trading’

An average month for Chris usually provides him with an additional £350.00 to £400.00 TAX FREE  profit!

Chris goes on to explain how easy the system is to use and how little of his time it takes up each day.

‘Buncejar couldn’t be easier to use! You send through the tips each evening with all the Bookmakers’ current odds & every weekday morning you also send out your suggestions on where you feel the odds might drop to, so really & truly, all we (the subscribers) have to do is check the Lay prices about ½ an hour before the relevant race, use the Cash Out Calculator to decide how much we need to Lay. We even know how much profit (or perhaps, occasionally) loss we will make well before the race has started!’

The steady and consistent regular monthly profits have made a very positive impact to Chris and he couldn’t imagine not using it to supplement his income.

‘I would not hesitate to recommend this system to anyone who wanted to be sure of adding to their monthly income’


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