Bonus Bagging – The Things They Dont Tell You

Everyone is telling you how amazing Bonus Bagging is. The idea of simply ‘harvesting’ free bets from online bookmakers and banking the profits no matter what the outcome of a football match seems just too good to be true ? For the first time we are going to delve in to the murkier part of Bonus Bagging to reveal the dodgy bits that No One else is telling you about.

We sat down with a very experienced Bonus Bagger of many years to blow the lid on whats really going on and whether you really can bag £1000 of pounds every month risk free , or whether there are actually some far better methods to risk free profits without finding yourself banned from every online bookmaker and casino in the UK quicker than you can say ‘Gubby Mc Gub Face’.


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So what is bonus bagging?

Placing a bet on a football or horse race these days is easy. You no longer have to creep in to a seedy high street bookmaking shop full of old men and weirdos and instead can set up an online account easily with the big names like Ladbrokes , William Hill or Coral.  We all understand the concept. You place a stake of , lets say £20 for a football team to win and then if they do you get your stake back plus your winnings . If the team lose you lose your stake.  That’s gambling .

With Bonus Bagging you take advantage of incentives these online bookmakers offer you in the form of free bets. This means a bookmaker doesn’t ask you to hand them a stake of your own money, and lets you place a bet for free.  Now if your team wins its football match you get some nice profit, and if the team loses you haven’t lost anything.

Now imagine you could lock in a profit without the team you backed with your free bet winning…. Imagine that you took 3 bookmakers with 3 free bets and used one to back Team A, One free bet to Back Team B and a final Free bet to back the match is a draw. Now no matter what the outcome you will collect varying amounts of profit .

To keep things much more simple its actually possible to have an ‘anti’ bet to any bet you place. If you bet that Manchester United were going to win a football match then its also actually possible to place a bet that manchester united WILL NOT win their match. This means your ‘anti’ bet will pay out if they lose OR if there is a draw.

This ‘Anti’ bet is actually known as a lay bet. You can place lay bets at a special online market place for buying and selling bets called Betfair. This exchange is like the ebay or amazon of bets and allows you to place these special lay bets. The lay bets are the key to bonus bagging because it easily allows you to be in a position where you bag a profit no matter what the outcome.

Infinite free bets? Yeah right…

Bonus Bagging websites will tell you that you can bag literally thousands of pounds from bonus bagging every month for the rest of your life.

We’ve got some bad news for you….. This claim is absolute rubbish. At best there is about £500 in total of decent free bets from big well known bookmakers, and there is another £300 or so from ropey white label dodgy bookmakers with dubious trading addresses.

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Let’s talk about those x4 wagering requirements…

What is a wagering requirement ? So imagine you place your free bet on a football team and they lose their match. If you are bonus bagging that’s great ! You’ve placed your lay bet so you scoop your profit from the lay bet and everything is great. But what if your football team wins and your free bet pays out with the bookmaker ? Usually buried in the terms and conditions is a WAGERING REQUIREMENT. This means you cant take your money out with the bookmaker just yet. They will want you to place bets of usually twice to four times the stake before you can take your money out. Thats means you will have to do 4 more bets and hope none of the teams you back and lay with win again.

Bonus bagging people will tell you to get round this by backing the match to have a draw . A draw rarely happens right ? WRONG. it happens about 25% of the time.  There is also another reason why backing a match to draw is a very very foolish thing to do. We cover this later in this article..

The Dreaded run of winners EVERYONE gets when they do the Bet365 £200 deal.

Now we have explained about wagering requirements the offer from Bet365 for £200 in free bets looks slightly less exciting and slightly more daunting. If you think about it , if you happen to have your football match go to a draw then you are now stuck with £800 of bets to do before you can get yours hands on the money. Anyone that has actually done Bonus Bagging will have a horror story of getting stuck with hundreds of pounds of wagering requirements. The more winners you get the more money is stuck with one bookmaker until youve hit that magic wagering requirment.

Lets discuss who EXACTLY bets on a football match for a draw

So who bets on a football match for a draw ? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE THATS A REAL GAMBLER. Think about it , when did you hear two guys in a pub discussing the chance that any football match would be a draw ? Never is the answer. Most Bonus Bagging instructions will tell you to back the draw on a match where the decimal odds are around 4 . The reality is you might as well email the online bookmaker and let them know you are taking advantage of their generosity.

Bookmakers HATE bonus baggers and arbers and youll get banned (gubbed) within a matter of a few bets. Youll never be allowed a bookmaker account with them for anyone elses name or details as long as you have the same phone, IP address or real home address. So think VERY carefully before you bonus bag.

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Bonus Baggers are ASKING to get GUBBED

Gubbing is where a bookmaker bans you for life.  We love the link in this blog because it lead to aguide written by a Bonus Bagging company that gets its customers banned regularly so they clearly have NO grasp of what to do to prevent being gubbed. As long as there are a steady stream of new customers subscribing to Bonus Bagging no company offering it will care that their customers are getting banned from all the online bookmakers as long as there is a steady stream of new subsribers coming in to replace them.

We have done a whole separate blog on how to avoid getting gubbed and its derived from meetings with TWO different online bookmaker insiders that blew the lid on whats actually going on behind the scenes and how to avoid the illegal tricks the bookmakers use to smoke and and hunt down bonus baggers.

Lets talk about just how incestuous the Bookmaker Companies are in the UK. 

Betfair and Paddy Power are actually the same company , Ladbrokes owns Betdaq AND Coral.  All the bookies are in each others pockets these days. So when one suspects you are a onus Bagger they will illegally share this knowledge with all the others . Bonus Baggers that get gubbed report that they often find they get gubbed by a few bookmakers all in the same week. This is because Bookmakers Illegally share this info via things like whatsapp to avoid any evidence ever of the breaking the law on email etc.

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No one runs a balanced book anymore. so now the bookie CAN lose. 

The term bookmaker comes from an agent who ran a balanced book . This meant that a bookmaker historically used to offer odds on all horses in a race so that no matter what the outcome they made about a 5% profit. This is known as the over round. The best way to understand this is to understand a coin toss. We know that the chances of it falling heads or tales is roughly 50/50 (lets ignore the chance it will fall exactly on its edge!). so if you are betting on a coin to come up heads youd expect a bookmaker to offer you odds at 2 to 1. So if you bet £10 and it came up heads youd get your £10 stake back and winnings of £10 .

In reality a bookmaker runs a balanced book so they would offer you winnings of your stake back and £9 and the same odds to anyone betting on tails. That means now with lots of bets no matter what the outcome they make a cheeky £1 every time someone bets on a coin toss.

Then came greedy PLC bookmakers. About 5 years ago it all changed The big players like William Hill and Ladbrokes starting running books that were not balanced to make more money. They RAKED it in hoping that favourites on horse races wouldnt win , and also used betting exchanges like Betfair to lay off their liabilities just before a race started. In the end t caught up with them , and two bookmakers famously lost over a million pounds each during one festival when all the favourites won their races. The boards and shareholders asked questions and some major rethinking was done.

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Now bookmakers can lose they HATE arbers and Bonus Baggers. They only want the stupidest , most hooked , addict gamblers they can find. They actively seek out any gambler that wins and ban them. The actively seek out bonus baggers and ban them. Bookmakers often post losses on their sportsbooks in the millions each year and they no longer care. the days of profit rom sports gambling are long gone.

The dinosaur high street shops like Woolworths etc died because they couldn’t compete with savvy online shoppers using ebay and amazon and the same is now true for bookmakers . Savvy gamblers use Betfair exchange and so the Online Bookmakers all lose money. They continue to exist because now they see sports betting as a way of gaining customers to get hooked to their online casinos and slots that have a whopping 40% profit margin not the paultry 5% they used to get from the horses and football.

Bookmakers spy on you illegally 

Have a quick search online for ‘iesnare cookie‘ and prepare to get really really angry. This little piece of software is only permitted to be used once by UK law when a customer is opening an account . It helps the bookmaker snoop around your computer to check you are a genuine person and not a fake identity. It cross references your emails, and any other files on your computer as well as your entire internet history to see if it all ‘matches up’. The thing is that bookmakers then carry on using it after youve openend the account. This isnt legal . In fact its very very illegal.

A quick search on your computer folders and if you have a few online bookmaker accounts youll find this little piece of evil buried on your PC somewhere discreet.  They are reading your emails , they are seeing what you see on the internet and they are even looking through your webcam to see if your face matches the ID you sent them. They are doing this to see if you are a mug gambler or a sharp Bonus Bagger looking to exploit their free bets.

Once loaded with iesnare you are in trouble. If you find it and delete it you are basically letting a bookmaker know you are on to them and youll get gubbed anyway. The best thing you can do is avoid this software being loaded in the first place. Our ‘How to never get Gubbed by the bookies’ blog tells you exactly how to do this.

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If you think IESnare is bad don’t download the bookmaker apps on your phone. Weve seen bookmaker apps with Terms and Conditions that you accept that include allowing them to read your emails, texts, listen in generally and on calls, take pictures and even text your friends pretending to be you with a free bet deal.


Bonus Bagging is great. But Bonus Bagging is an incredibly short term way of making money when you could get the use of bookmaker accounts for years not months by using other much cleverer systems.

Remember the insider we told you about ? They helped develop BunceJar.

Buncejar does not need to use free bets to make a profit, it can make a profit every single day. Your trades are hidden among the throng of gamblers betting on favourites of horses , no betting in an obvious way on the draw of a football match. Buncejar uses special tactics to avoid the bookmaker ever being able to spy on you and with up to 5 trades per day EVERY DAY you can make thousands per month every single month for years rather than the short term quick buck then ban that Bonus Bagging inevitably leads you to.